About Us

Jodie Denning is the creator of the Sweet Spot Bake Shoppe phenomena. She was trained in Switzerland at the DCT Swiss Hotel Management School and offers a large variety of cakes and treats not often found here in Australia. 

Jodie originally became interested in all things pastry after she worked at Brett's Loven Oven where she met the founders of The Whitsunday Biscuit Factory. She had soon decided this was where her passion lay and she decided to complete a chef apprenticeship to help her gain entry into the world of pastry. Completing part of her chefing apprenticeship in such places as Coral Sea Resort, Ocean International, The Lighthouse Seafood Restaurant, she soon established herself as one of the best dessert chefs around. Her love of desserts and pastry lead her to the Switzerland based course at DCT Swiss Hotel Management. From there on out Jodie decided that she needed to create Sweet Spot Bake Shoppe in order to show the town what she had to offer.